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Legal online US poker sites?
  billy5000, Jun 10 2011

I just wanted to get some things straightened out, specifically on the subject of online poker in the US. About two months ago, the US gov seized the top online poker domains.

Now, does that mean only those top sites (pokerstars, fulltilt, etc) were restricted to US residents? Would I be able to legally join an alternate poker site?

Sorry, I've been busy with other things and just found out about this news.

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[Q] Depositing money via Instant echecks
  billy5000, Apr 06 2011

So I've been trying to deposit money to pokerstars, but I'm afraid of the reaction that I'll receive from my parents when they see that I'm gambling online.

I tried to find an alternative way such as using a prepaid debit card, but unfortunately pokerstars doesn't accept them.

Now all I'm left is by depositing money by using instant echecks. My question is (I've never used an instant echeck before): will this leave a sign of where I deposited the money under my bank account?

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